Nov 9, 2015

Charlie Logan, RIP, 1929 - 2000

I live in a yellow house in Longmont, Colorado. I can see the foothills of the Rocky Mountains from my upstairs front windows.

Today, November 9, is my Dad's Birthday. His favorite color was yellow. We always had yellow bathrooms and kitchens in our house when I was growing up. The man had great rhetoric and charisma. I used to love staying up late with him after my Mum had gone to bed. He would talk and talk and I would listen.

Charlie Logan was a local politician - a Labour Party Councillor in Rosyth, Scotland. Two hundred people came to his funeral. He made a difference in the small hamlet of Rosyth. People remembered how he helped them get what they needed. Charlie was that kinda guy. People lined up around the street corner, my Mum said.

My daughter and I went home to Scotland. I had got the phone call that he was ill. He was so glad to see us. It meant a lot to him. You could see that. He cried when we left - the man who never cried in his life. We had to come home to the US after two weeks because of my work.

When he died I was working at Spectra Logic in Boulder. I remember the big bouquet of flowers they sent to my house. Yes, I still remember the smell of the lilies and the chrysanthemums and the rich warm color.

They were all yellow.

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